Membership Benefits

CICER members can take advantage of a number of benefits:

  • regular newsletter updates that keep members informed of Club activities and events in and around Abu Dhabi;
  • participate in Club sponsored or outside events that Club members are invited to attend (art shows, exhibits, concerts, conferences, gourmet events etc.);
  • access to the Club’s Library which contains classics, fiction and non-fiction, scholastic texts, dictionaries and lots of children’s books;
  • participation in ongoing activity groups;
  • discounts in numerous businesses around Abu Dhabi.


Bring me with you!

Download and print the complete list of discounts for CICER members in .pdf format and bring it with you, along with your CICER ID, that must be shown when you ask for the discount.

clicca sull'immagine per visualizzare l'elenco in formato pdf
Click on the picture to see the full list of discounts in .pdf format.