free membership registration is now open

free membership registration is now open! 
How? Download the application form here and send it to not forget to select a preference in the membership collection section. We will inform you about the collection modality as soon as we receive enough subscriptions. And do not forget that the membership is for free for this year. 

Cicer needs YOUR help to be able to continue offering the activities we currently run but also to offer any new ones that might be of interest to the community.  Even dedicating as little as a few hours per week can make a great difference.  We need help in the administration, library, event organizing, children's activities, and the communication and marketing, so there are a range of possibilities to suit all tastes and areas of expertise. If interested, email


due to the circustances and, consequently, the restrictions in force in Abu Dhabi, they prevent us from resuming normal activities. In the hope that the situation will evolve positively and ...


ATTENTION! we are moving to a new location. we will publish the new address as soon as possible.


ATTENZIONE! la sede e' in fase di trasferimento.  pubblicheremo l'indirizzo della nuova sede appensa possibile.
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